Not Just Another Pretty Face 1995

Organized by Tim Brown, Tom Denlinger, Mike Lash, and Charles Thurow, this exhibition showcased the Art Center’s efforts to bring artist and patron together by pairing the two parties through a portrait commission project. The genre of portraiture presented a unique opportunity for interaction between the artist, his subject and the viewer. The exhibition showcased contemporary takes on the traditional genre of portraiture and explored the interaction between artist and patron, and the response of the viewer to both. The exhibition presented a full range of portraiture, from traditional representational work to the less conventional, including abstract and non-representational work. The exhibition encouraged the active involvement of individuals with contemporary art, supported Chicago artists, and stimulated artistic growth through the collaboration between artist and patron.

  • April 29, 1995 – May 27, 1995
  • The Del Prado

The exhibition publication was made possible through the generous support of the following individuals:
Mrs. Edwin Bergman, Marie & Robert Bergman, Sherl Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Epstein, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Krueck, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Levi, Janina & Ira Marks, and Mr. & Mrs. Roy Warshawsky.

Patron - Artist Pairs

Dennis Adrian – Robert Lucy ⋅ Michael Aisenberg – Mike Lash ⋅ Douglas Berlin – Adam Siegel ⋅ Tim Brown & Jill Riddell – Mario Muller ⋅ Thomas A. Carlson, MD – Jeff Colby ⋅ Joseph Crump – Tony Fitzpatrick ⋅ Douglas Dawson – Wallace Bowling ⋅ Dale Hillerman, Charles Thurow & Alfonso Diaz – Eleanor Spies Ferris ⋅ Ruth Horwich – Don Baum ⋅ Deone Jackman – Gladys Nilsson ⋅ Courtney Lance – Gabriela Rivera ⋅ Melynda Lopin – Linda L. Kramer ⋅ Debra Mancoff – David Kargl ⋅ Antonio Martinez, PhD – Gregory Mejia ⋅ Grove Mower & Brooke Hummer – Ken Warneke ⋅ Eileen M. Murray – Brent Gearan ⋅ Nana Naisbitt – Douglass Philips ⋅ Arnie Ordman – Karen Savage ⋅ Kathryn Quinn – J.C. Ryding ⋅ Barbara & Jafar Saniie – Robert Hutchinson ⋅ Cecille Barger Shure & John Easton – Tim Doud ⋅ Sarah Thurber -Tim Anderson ⋅ Melissa Weber & Jay Dandy – John Spear ⋅ Susan M. Willis – Monica Rezman Black

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