Not Just Another Pretty Face 2013

Hyde Park Art Center is pleased to present 75 unique and personal works of art created through its signature collaborative commissioning project, Not Just Another Pretty Face. 2013-14 marks the fifth installment of this dynamic program, which has been replicated in five cities across the nation.

Created by the Hyde Park Art Center, Not Just Another Pretty Face allows the Art Center to play matchmaker for artists and potential art buyers, facilitating a fun, accessible commissioning process that builds lasting relationships between artists and patrons, creates a new base of support for artists, and invests in the vitality of Chicago’s cultural community.

The program takes place every three years and is meant to involve a broad range of patrons and artists, with commissions ranging from in the hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. To date, the Art Center has raised over $700,000—half of which goes directly into the hands of artists, with the other half going to support Art Center programs. All of this results in an exhibition of the original works of art, a catalog documenting the process, and a lively event to unveil the finished pieces, which will make their way to the patrons’ homes following the exhibition.

  • December 15, 2013 – March 30, 2014
  • Gallery 1, 2  & Cleve E. Carney Gallery

Not Just Another Pretty Face - The Unveiling, 2013


  • More than $350,000 directly in the hands of talented local artists
  • More than $350,000 invested in the Hyde Park Art Center’s programs
  • More than 300 original works of art
  • 200 collectors, new and established, participating in Chicago’s art ecosystem by commissioning work from local artists they now know and can continue to follow
  • A new model for how an institution can support its city’s artists in a way that is fun, distinctive and sustainable—replicated by organizations in Boise, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Salt Lake

Stories of unique collaborations between artist-patron pairs united through Not Just Another Pretty Face abound. One example is emerging artist of color Tony Lewis being commissioned by prolific collector Deone Jackman—known for her keen eye and ability to spot rising talent—who first noticed Lewis’ work when it was featured in the Art Center’s 2012 Ground Floor exhibition, a biennial group show highlighting some of the most promising young Chicago artists recently graduated from the city’s MFA programs. Other intriguing pairs include the commissioning of artist Conrad Freiburg, formerly a Resident Artist at the Art Center, by composer Lisa Kaplan, who was interested in a custom work of art being designed around her music; and the commissioning of emerging artist of color Kenrick McFarlane by Amanda Williams, herself an artist of color who has been commissioned through Not Just Another Pretty Face in the past, and who this summer matriculated through The Center Program, the Art Center’s artist professional development program. Williams is playing the patron role in Not Just Another Pretty Face for the first time this year, shifting her engagement in the project because she noticed MacFarlane’s work and felt that it deserved recognition and support.

Meanwhile, these emerging and mid-career artists are shown in an exhibition and included in a catalogue alongside the likes of artists Jessica Stockholder, Judy Ledgerwood, and Terry Evans, and get their work in front of collectors and gallerists at the level of patrons like Deone Jackman, Richard Wright and Valerie Carberry, and Janis Kanter and Thomas McKormick. This kind of exposure represents a tremendous value for these artists beyond just the financial boon of money in their pocket through a commission facilitated by the project. In this way, Not Just Another Pretty Face enables Hyde Park Art Center to activate local collectors to invest in their city’s artists directly; encourage a new and diverse group of people to think of themselves as supporters and patrons of contemporary art; and build lasting relationships between artists and patrons, creating a new base of patronage for artists and investing in the vitality of Chicago’s cultural community.


Commissioned Artists

Cándida Alvarez, Hebru Brantley, Dawn Brennan, Corinna Button, Gillion Carrara, Juan Angel Chávez, Pearl Dick, Lessie Venardo Dixon, Aaron Downs, Terry Evans, Douglas R. Ewart, Theodore C. Feaster, Lora Fosberg, Conrad Freiburg, Amanda Gentry, Peter N. Gray, Jennifer Greenburg, Juarez Hawkins, John Himmelfarb, Cody Hudson, Candace Hunter, Julie Renée Jones, Jackie Kazarian, Anna Kunz, Tulika Ladsariya, Judy Ledgerwood, Kirsten Leenaars, Tony Lewis, Julius Lyles, Faheem Majeed, Kenrick McFarlane, Adelheid Mers, Iain Muirhead, Sarah Nishiura, Melissa Ann Pinney, Diane Ponder, Otis Richardson, Darrell Roberts, David Schalliol, Rahmaan Statik, Cheri Stewart, Jessica Stockholder, Bill Talsma, Garland Taylor, Lowell Thompson, Mel Watkin, Marvin L. Wells, Rhonda Wheatley, Bernard Williams, Shyvette Williams, Scott Wolniak, Mark Yee, and Rebecca Zemans.


Anonymous, Heiji Choy Black & Brian Black, Jillisa Brittan & Jeffrey Smith, Paul Buenvenida & Gary Heiferman, Valerie Carberry & Richard Wright, Jane & John Chapman, Bruce Cohen, Ciaran Escoffery, Sally & Bill Fairbank, Theodore & Donna Feaster, Kiara Freeman, JR Harris, Brian Herbstritt, Gail & Tom Hodges, Erin Houlehen, Brooke Hummer & Grove Mower, Lois Iseminger, Deone Jackman, Kineret Jaffe & Morton Silverman, Martha Jannotta & Jay Mittelstead, Justine Jentes & Daniel Kuruna, Ra & Falona Joy, Janis Kanter & Thomas McCormick, Lisa Kaplan, Lisa & Michael Kornick, Trudy Levi, Trinita Logue, Kate Lorenz & Steve Nelson, Jill & Michael Lowe, Claudia Luebbers, Talmadge Mason, Patric McCoy, Lisa & Raymond McDonald, Lauren Moltz & John Clement, Robert & Tamera Munch, Alex Myagkova & Laurent Varlet, Ben & Rho Nelson, Pamela Norman, Michelle Olson, Joan Pantsios, Tiago Pappas, Michael Perlow, Karen & Jim Prieur, Allison Peters Quinn & Colm Quinn, Megha Ralapati & Adam Waytz, Susan Redeker, Brook Rosini & Glenn Koetzner, Lynn & Neil Ross, William Savage, Sally Schwartz, Freddye Smith, Gail E. Spann, Christine Sterkel, Cristal Thomas, Christy Uchida, Ginny & Albert Van Alyea, Letitia Waller, Patricia & Marvin Wells, Amanda Williams, Ivy Wilson, Jennifer Wong, and Masood Zaman & Brad Blankenship.

Salon Hosts

George Allen
Dawoud Bey
Jillisa Brittan & Jeffrey Smith
Mareile Cusak
Diasporal Rhythms
Erika Dudley
Wendy Kornick Friedman
Judy & Mickey Gaynor
J.R. Harris
Brooke Hummer & Grove Mower
Justine Jentes & Daniel Kuruna
Janis Kanter & Thomas McCormick
Paul Klein & Amy Crum
Lisa & Michael Kornick
Jill & Michael Lowe
Claudia Luebbers
Marci & Norman Malter
Lauren Moltz & John Clement
Michelle Olson
Kathleen & George Rummel
Jason Saul
Chuck Thurow
Richard Wright & Valerie Carberry



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