Patchwork: Textiles with Graphic Impact

Featured Artists

Meegan McMillan, Aaron Packer, Coreen Riley, and additional traditional and contemporary works.

  • October 18, 1992 – November 21, 1992
  • The Del Prado

Curated by David Kargl and Rebecca Shore, the exhibition featured a range of individualistic textiles and quilts that were chosen for graphic impact rather than virtuosic sewing craft. All of the exhibited works showed an organizing rule or pattern that was overridden by variances and irregularities in structures, which generated the impression of vitality, motion and surprise. The quilts in the exhibition explored a range of traditional styles, from artist Coreen Riley who took from both Amish and African American quilting techniques. Riley’s quilts consisted of colorful squares with a border of rectangles encased in quilted brown, and then edged in purple. Artist Meegan McMillan incorporated Tartan patterns into her quilts. From a distance McMillan’s quilts appeared to have a patriotic red-white-blue color scheme, but upon closer inspection the three dimensional cubes were made out of different tartan fabrics. Aron Packer‘s quilts were made entirely of socks. The works were constructed free form, in all directions, and made of socks of different colors and patterns. The anonymous quilts on display from private collections had a range of variation, some folk-like and others with a very precise construction to a particular style and era. Varying fabrics and patterns were used in these quilts.

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