Personal Action, Public Display: A Balcony of Video Game Art

As a part of Artists Run Chicago 2.0 at Hyde Park Art Center, VGA Gallery presents Personal Action, Public Display: A Balcony of Video Game Art. For this exhibition VGA will program the entire projection facade of the HPAC that viewers can see from either inside or outside of the building depending on the time of day. The projections offer a mix of machinima (or animation made with video game engines) and two interactive pieces that visitors can play through their own mobile device. As a group of artworks they offer an introduction to video game art as a discipline leveraging private, personal devices into collective acts of digital expression.

Founded in 2013 by Jonathan Kinkley and Chaz Evans in the lively game community of Chicago, Video Game Art (VGA) Gallery seeks to increase cultural appreciation, education of video games and new media through exhibition, study, critique, and sale. Annual programs include Exhibitions and Events featuring the work of significant artists and game developers from around the world; Education programs are comprised of talks, screenings, and student programs; the VGA fine art print collection encompasses giclees and posters of artwork from video games; and a scholarly publications program that includes the VGA Reader, a peer-reviewed journal that highlights new scholarship about video games and new media art. VGA Gallery is an Illinois 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

VGA Gallery was included in Artists Run Chicago 2.0, but due to unforseeable circumstances, we were unable to play the digital facade during most of the exhibition run.  Thank you to VGA Gallery for being flexible in their participation, and agreeing to have their separate five week exhibition.

Read media coverage of Artists Run Chicago 2.0 here.

Header image: Palle Torson, Freefall, 2011, digital video, 2:16

Jackman Goldwasser Catwalk Gallery

This exhibition plays on our public video screen daily from 5 pm until 10 pm and is viewable from outside.


October 27, 2020 – January 20, 2021

Presenting artwork by:

Isabelle Arvers, Kim Boldt, Jon Cates & Jake Elliot with Ei Jane Janet Lin, Jon Chambers, Joel Corelitz, DUO b, Dorian Reunkrilerk, Juliana Riska, Sam Rolfes,Georgie Roxby Smith, Loraine Stary and Palle Torson.

About Artists Run Chicago (2009)

Chicago has long been known for cultivating a strong entrepreneurial/Do-It-Yourself spirit in business and the arts. The 38 artist-run venues that participated in the exhibition had been responsible for transforming storefronts, sheds, apartments, lofts, industrial warehouses, garages and roving spaces into contemporary art galleries testing the notion of “exhibition” while complicating the definition of art. Coinciding with the Hyde Park Art Center’s 70th anniversary, Artists Run Chicago exhibition reconnected the Art Center to its beginnings as an artist-run space by collaborating with spaces that demonstrated a same dedication to fostering new projects by new artists.

Now a decade later, only six venues survive: 65 Grand, Co-Prospherity Sphere, Devening Projects, Julius Caesar, Roots & Culture, and The Suburban (relocated to Milwaukee). There are several reasons as to why they continue their programs, which we aim to delve into during the 2020 exhibition. Several of the spaces included in Artist Run Chicago 2.0 are celebrating a 10-year anniversary and cite the attention around the early 2000s as a reason for their existence.  All of these spaces have brought a thoughtful focus to their program centered around supporting their fellow artists to experiment, show new work, reach new audiences, and be in conversation with one another, which we hope will influence the next decade of artist-run initiatives.



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