Recent Work: Faculty Exhibition

Featured Artists

Alice Baum, Carolyn Carey-Jones, Kay Dawson, Brent Gearan, Diane Gibson, Wilhelm Hahn, Jen Hilton, Adedayo Laoye, Debbie Lekousis, Barbara Nelson, Philip Petrie, Valerie Richards, A.H. Schlick, Peggy Stevens, Frank Trankina, Hugh Walton, Ben Whitehouse, Daniela Yaniv-Richter, and Larry Zgoda.

  • December 13, 1992 – January 23, 1993
  • The Del Prado

The exhibition showcased recent artworks by Hyde Park Art Center faculty. Carolyn Carey-Jones, instructor of pastels/watercolor, exhibited a painting depicting flowers in an unconventional aesthetic. Weaving instructor Kay Dawson executed a wool and linen piece entitled Moon on Man. Larry Zgoda, who taught techniques in stain glass, presented his own take on geometric abstraction with his geometric style stained glass pieces. Daniela Yaniv-Richter, instructor of hand building ceramics exhibited an installation of piled-up earthenware boxes of different dimensions. Jewelry instructor Barbara Nelson presented her handmade jewelry for display. Ben Whitehouse showcased paintings of the South Shore beach landscape. Phillip Petrie‘s paintings which attempt a subdued approach to color and ambiguity to form and mood are small in scale and play upon ideas of surrealism. Photography instructor Peggy Stevens photographs concentrated on natural objects and the perceptions of these natural forms as it related to changing time and space. Mixed media instructor Wilhem Hahn made larger than life size heads of political figures fashioned out of newspaper. Also working in the realm of mixed media, silk screen instructor Valerie Richards incorporated zippers and buttons into her print piece entitled Jeanscape. Painting instructor Frank Trankina juxtaposed to large scale figurative paintings and A.H. Schlick, ceramics teacher created an installation out of his glazed bowls and unglazed black vases. Children sculpture instructor Jen Hilton used a series of uncanny objects, such as moldy bread, and stuff animals to create her three-dimensional piece entitled Bread Box Prison. Brent Gearan, ceramics teacher, presented a series of oil paintings that focused on the idea of absence. Drawing teacher Adedayo Laoye‘s oil on paper works were symbolic representations of the female form and Alice Baum‘s paintings focused on the use of color. Origami teacher Debbie Lekousis presented a mixed media sculptural piece that incorporated origami dinosaurs and spheres outside of a dollhouse.