Featured Artists

Spencer Dormitzer, Sean Landers, Mike Lash, Raymond Pettibon, A.E. Theobald, Lily van der Stokker, Sue Williams, and Amy Yoes.

  • September 10, 1995 – October 7, 1995
  • The Del Prado

This exhibition curated by Deborah Wilk, senior editor of the New Art Examiner, examined contemporary artists’ renewed interest in graphic representation. Scribble featured work by various artist interested in mark making as it has grown from a Modernist to Postmodernist practice. “From fine art explorations to the cultural critiques of political cartoonists” wrote the curator “line is indicative of individual expression whether abstractly depicting unconscious or subliminal sensibilities, or deliberately representing a unique take on a universally understood set of circumstances”. From the ink washes on paper by artist Raymond Pettibon, to the colored pencil works on Plexiglas and paper by Spencer Dormitzer the artists in this exhibition investigated the use of line with a variety of material and purpose.

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