Sequences, Iterations, and Permutations (SIP)

Sequences, Iterations, and Permutations (SIP) started as an online class in May of 2020 at the Hyde Park Art Center. Instead of art-making that leads to one thing, artists in this class make collections of artworks that tell stories, depict emotions, or communicate ideas. Presenting artworks in a variety of mediums from photography, collage, printmaking, and drawing, to video, dance, sculpture, and poetry, this exhibition celebrates the community of over 60 artists who have participated in the course and is curated by Jasper Goodrich who designed and teaches the class.

Often artists work in groups of images or series. SIP explores how working iteratively (building upon previous forms, where information is lost and gained through making) helps artists’ creative process, pushing their imaginations to get to the next idea that is meaningful in their practice / life. Because artists in the exhibition are dealing with multiple images, time is involved and participants  are influenced by durational art forms such as video, fashion, dance, and music. Even when viewing one image, the viewer experiences a duration of time. SIP is rooted in image making, but many artists embrace mediums such as video art. In SIP, art making is like writing or music and artists explore rhythm, speed, interludes, beginnings, middles, and endings.

  • May 7 – July 24, 2022
  • Gallery 2 and Cleve Carney Gallery

Other elements of the SIP class include: 1. Diagrams and prompts exploring image structure, iteration, and time. 2. Working in drafts and storyboards. 3. Close studies of artists and a wide variety of sequences found in nature, media, and society. 4. A focus on layering both directly and indirectly. 5. Long discussions about the student’s work as it goes through iterations. 6. Fast drawing and conversation activities meant to get the artists thinking in new ways (the class  fluctuates between simplifying and making things more complex). 7. The class zooms out and thinks about seriality and iteration in the context of history, knowledge, and change. 8. Artists consider outside ingredients in their artworks (things that don’t seem like they belong, but make the entire piece). 9. Each class starts with a collective poem.

The best part of SIP is the community of artists it has become, bringing together people from many different backgrounds, modes of working, and stages in their art practice. Many artists have taken the class two, three, six times, creating a shared history as participants see each other grow.  In its 7th iteration, the class has become a space for artists to build their personal practices together.

This exhibition is open to any artist who took the SIP class. The work displayed includes: art made in the class, new works, drawing activities done collectively, and images and storyboards that reflect different stages of the creative process. There will be many moments where different artist’s sequences will interact, spurring collaboration. The show’s organization and curation itself will be an iteration, reflecting on the class and these past two years.


About Jasper Goodrich

Jasper Goodrich is an artist and educator living in Chicago. At the core of his work is a belief that images and objects can make visible the parts of life that are hard to articulate: complex emotions, visual structure, memories, the expansive and iterative nature of the human imagination, the physical relationship our bodies have to the world, the processing of contemporary life, spirituality, the magic world of images, sequential ways of organizing information and images, making collaboratively with other people, influences from music and music production, fantasy, storytelling, and the connection between iteration and the social. Goodrich works in mediums including painting, printmaking, casting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and installation. He received his BS from Skidmore College in 2011 and his MFA in Print Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited nationally in venues in Illinois, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. He has received grants, awards, and/or residencies from the Vermont Studio Center, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Ox-Bow School of Art, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Hyde Park Art Center, and the National Iron Casting Conference. Goodrich currently teaches in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Printmedia Department and at Hyde Park Art Center where he leads a class titled “Sequences, Iterations, and Permutations.”



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