Stacza Lipinski: Hang Up

Emerging artist Stacza Lipinski engulfs the Hyde Park Art Center in an explosively colorful and sinuous installation titled Hang Up. Responding to the building’s bright and sunny center staircase, Hang Up playfully transforms negative space into an active platform with large paper constructions that overlap, weave, and turn in on themselves. Cut from painted vellum, the combined pieces create a swollen mass that creeps across the architecture and through a precise use of light and color, converts two-dimensional materials into a suspended, airy sculpture. Overindulgence of color and form make the large scale artwork both voluptuous and precarious. Each curl and tangle of the vellum references a number of influences from the organs, arteries and hairs of the human body to decorative Victorian patterns. The artwork acts firstly as a delicate assemblage spanning across the linear staircase, but as each layer is revealed, so too is the sculpture’s emphasis on immediacy and change.

  • May 20, 2007 – August 12, 2007
  • Foyer

Stacza Lipinski: Hang Up

About Stacza Lipinski

Stacza Lipinski is a Chicago-based artist. Hang Up continues her work in large scale paper constructions that have been exhibited at Noyes Cultural Arts Center (2005), Las Manos Gallery (2006), and the Evanston Art Center (2006). She received her MFA from Ohio State University in 2002.


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