Pit Stop

The annual exhibition highlights paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, prints, animation, and multimedia work by young adult artists participating in Hyde Park Art Center’s Teen programs. Throughout the 30-week program, teens cultivate their creative voices under the guidance of professional artists. The exhibition is a testament to these young artists’ evolution and dedication, who have taken on the challenge of expressing perplexed thoughts, feelings, and emotions into individual works of art. 

Pit Stop is a rest area for reflection on the journey passed, the present path, and the journey ahead. Inspired by artist Aimée Beaubien’s transformation of the hallway gallery in the recent exhibition, Through the Hothouse, the teen cohort creates an environment resembling one that travelers might visit on a road trip. Situated within the landscape of gas stations and roadside stops are artworks presented as souvenirs that might be serendipitously collected during one’s travels. Like the way chance encounters, wrong turns, and unexpected discoveries occur during road trips and seize a corner in our minds, these artworks draw attention away from the rest area scenery to serve as metaphoric channels for reflection on the events that led viewers to the present and the roads ahead. 

The Art Center’s Teen programs provide a structured independence that encourages young artists to develop their creative voices, learn new skills, and build relationships in the context of a community art center, where artists of all ages and backgrounds do the same. The 2024 program consisted of seven courses: Youth Board of Artists, Teen Ceramics, Digital Illustration and Animation, Artshop, Epstein Advanced Teen Track, Teen Photo 2D Exploration, Advanced Photo Portfolio, and Music PROduction with ISPRO. 

Pit Stop is co-curated by Art Center staff members Alex Herrera, Harley Reid, and Tran Tran.


Featured image: Collaboratively made photography by Advanced Teen Photography course. 

  • June 15 – September 22
  • Gallery 5

Teen Programs are generously supported by: 

Acclivus, Inc., Caerus Foundation, Epstein Family Foundation, LeRoy Neiman Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, Polk Bros. Foundation, and Sacks Family Foundation.

Education programs are also made possible through the generosity of Hyde Park Art Center’s Advocates and annual supporters – visit hydeparkart.org/our-supporters for a full list.

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