20 Years of the Abstracted Figure in Chicago Art – The Big Pitcher

Featured Artists

Phyllis Bramson, Bill Cass, L.J. Douglas, Frank Gaard, Deven Golden, Mark Jackson, Sandy Kowerko, Paul LaMantia, Clarence Monaco, Will Northerner, Sandra Perlow, Arnaldo Roche Rabell, David Sharpe, Steven Sherrell, Michele Stone, Bruce Thayer, Ken Warneke, Karl Wirsum, Mary Lou Zelazny, and Mike Zieve.

  • January 9, 1983 – February 19, 1983
  • The Del Prado
Exhibition Poster for The Big Pitcher

Twenty artists were represented in The Big Pitcher, demonstrating a variety of attitudes toward the human figure. Deven Golden and Michael Zieve, both Chicago artists, served as guest curators for the show. An excerpt from their statement which will appear in the illustrated catalog of the exhibition clearly indicates the philosophy of their presentation:

We hope to present a grouping of artists who share a commonality not of style, but of interests. While it is certainly true that many shared concerns can be found among Chicago artists, we have limited this show to what we feel to be one particularly strong aspect: abstract figuration. The artists in this show all utilize a strong, persona, abstract vocabulary to bring subconscious impact into their works. And all of the artists in this show are committed to the human figure as a focal point for a personal discussion, revelation, and understanding of the human condition.

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