The Embedded Body

CarianaCarianne continues their exploration of self with an exhibition that embeds a new installation in the belly of their previous work. The 50-day collaborative installation focuses on the protective emotional barrier associated with intimacy and its link to notions of power and will. Surrounded by the elements of previous visual dialogues the two have had, CarianaCarianne will enter the gallery and attempt to engage each other in intimacy. The Embedded Body evolved from CarianaCarianne’s previous installation, She in Me/Where Our Eyes Meet, in 2003. During this installation they attempted to release their will upon each other. As one would act out their will, and the other would listen, the installation space was transformed with a whirlwind of drawings, sculptures and multimedia recordings. The work from this installation will be reinstalled at the Art Center’s gallery space, effectively creating a staging ground for CarianaCarianne to reenter the space of their wills and expose their body to the intensity of intimate action.

NOTICE: The exhibition The Embedded Body at the Hyde Park Art Center has been canceled due to technical difficulties. CarianaCarianne, along with the staff, reached this decision after a number of the megaphone recordings were re-recorded over by visitors to the art center. Within the first week of the show two megaphones were re-recorded over and by the third week of the show, thirteen of the twenty megaphones had been re-recorded over. Eventually the captured sound was a recycled cacophony of noise and not the melody of utterances that CarianaCarianne had intended. After multiple attempts to correct this situation, the problem ensued. Although the staff made every attempt to correct the problem, the sound deteriorated and the possibility for CarianaCarianne to achieve their initial vision did not seem feasible. Canceling the show was a particularly difficult decision for CarianaCarianne because they were personally and emotionally invested in the process of the show, and had very much looked forward to visiting the exhibition for the entire seven weeks.

  • April 8, 2007 – May 27, 2007
  • Kanter McCormick Gallery


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.19.29 PM
She in Me, 2005, PowerPoint, 3:16 minutes
She in Me, 2005, PowerPoint, 3:16 minutes

About CarianaCarianne

Cariana received an MFA from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2001 and Carianne received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003. Also in 2003, they legally adopted the name CarianaCarianne, and continued their cumulative effort to explore the role of duality in one skin. They have exhibited at the MCA Chicago and the Chicago Cultural Center and numerous other national and international galleries

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