Surviving the Long Wars

From the US “Indian Wars” to the “Global War on Terror,” SURVIVING THE LONG WARS explores the multiple, overlapping histories that shape our understanding of warfare, as well as alternative visions of peace, healing, and justice generated by diverse communities impacted by war.

Inspired by the powerful artwork of Indigenous and Native American artists responding to the US “Indian Wars” and artists of the Greater Middle East reacting to the “Global War on Terror,” the second Veteran Art Triennial & Summit focus on how these artistic responses complicate and entangle with the artistic practices of veterans. The featured artworks, projects, and programs create opportunities for people to deepen their understanding of the impact of war.

The project began in September 2022 with a virtual scholarly seminar series at the nexus of critical ethnic studies, Native/Indigenous studies, and Middle Eastern Studies on the histories and futures of Native rebellion alongside contemporary US militarism and warfare. The project culminates in the second Veteran Art Triennial and Summit, in Spring 2023, at the Chicago Cultural Center, Hyde Park Art Center, and Newberry Library.

  • Exhibition: 3/16/2023 – 7/9/2023
    Opening Program: 3/17/2023
  • Kanter McCormick Gallery
  • Corresponding Exhibitions and Summit
  • Veteran Art Summit

    3/16/2023 – 3/19/2023

    Newberry Library:

    Exhibition 2/28/2023 – 5/27/2023

    Opening Program 3/16/2023

    Chicago Cultural Center:

    Exhibition 3/6/2023 – 6/5/2023

    Opening Program 3/18/2023

Featured Artists

Mahwish Chishty, Joe DeVera, Sabba Elahi, Rodney Ewing, Rajkamal Kahlon, Ruth Kaneko (Native Hawaiian), Eric Perez, Yvette Pino, Gregory Rick, Dwayne Wilcox (Oglala Lakota), and Yiran Zhang.

SURVIVING THE LONG WARS is organized by Aaron Hughes, Ronak K. Kapadia, Therese Quinn, Joseph Lefthand, and Amber Zora with support from the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) Institute for the Humanities Innovation Grant, UIC Award for Creative Activity, Chicago Cultural Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Newberry Library, DEMIL Art Fund, and the National Endowment for the Humanities Dialogues on the Experiences of War Grant. NEH Veteran Fellows include Gina Herrera, Monty Little, Gerald Sheffield, Anthony Torres, Eric Perez, and Natasha Erskine.