The United Colors of Robert Earl Paige

candace exhibition
Candace Hunter: The Alien-Nations and Sovereign States of Octavia E Butler

The Alien- Nation and Sovereign States of Octavia E. Butler is an exploratory installation of video, performance, collage, and painting that expands on Candace Hunter’s speculation of the future of human resilience in the wake of racial reckoning, climate change, and food scarcity.

William Estrada: Multiples and Multitudes

The exhibition brings together works by William Estrada, his collaborators, and students that exemplify his radical commitment to empowering communities through art-making and agency.

Edra Soto: Destination/El Destino: a decade of GRAFT

Through the GRAFT series of sculptures, wall reliefs and installations, Edra Soto explores vernacular architecture familiar to the artist’s native Puerto Rico to address the adaptability and hybridity of cultural representation.

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