Not Just Another Pretty Face 2019

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32,000 sq. foot award-winning facility designed by Doug Garofalo and renovated in 2016 to add the Guida Family Creative Wing.


Six formal gallery spaces:

o   Gallery 1

o   Gallery 2

o   Cleve Carney Gallery

o   Kanter-McCormick Gallery

o   Gallery 5

o   Jackman Goldwasser Catwalk Gallery

The Guida Family Creative Wing

The Guida Family Creative Wing — home to the Jackman Goldwasser Residency Program, artist studios, a teen learning center, and a shared space for collaboration and discussion — provides a space for artists at all levels to work, discuss, and connect with each other and interact with the public. 

Hyde Park Art Center is honored to recognize the Guida Family’s leadership in the Art Center’s 75th Anniversary Campaign with naming of this dynamic space. Indeed, the wing embodies Julie, John and Angelina’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit as well as the enormous impact their family has made on the Art Center. The space and the activity within are emblematic of the Guida’ belief that creativity is an essential part of humanity and should be fostered, supported, and celebrated.

Oakman Clinton School + Studios

The Oakman Clinton School and Studios house Hyde Park Art Center studio art classes. The Art Center offers over 200 courses per year, allowing any artist to find the right individual course, series, or art learning experiences that best fit their needs. The Oakman Clinton School and Studios has seven different work areas, each one ready for groups of students or individual project work.

The Sagan-Hill Classroom is our largest studio, and houses our Ceramics programs. With roughly 1,500 square feet to work with, there is enough room for clay, tools, storage, potter’s wheels, glazes, five kilns…and students!

The Perlow Multimedia Studios are a set of rooms designed for painting, drawing, screenprinting, printmaking, and other mixed-media art-making. There are four different rooms as part of the Perlow studios and each accommodates different sets of art-making.

The Thurow Digital Art Lab features a line of Apple computers, printers, and scanners. The technology allows students to explore digital art areas such as photography, video, sound, and animation.

The Art Center’s photo darkroom is one the few remaining of its kind. In the darkroom, artists and students learn about film processing, developing, and printing.

Many of our studios, such as our Painting & Drawing Studio and our Ceramics Studios, also allow for storage of art, enabling students to leave work between class sessions and make it easier to work outside of class time, when artists take advantage of “open studio” access.

Community Spaces

o   Muller Meeting Room

o   D’Angelo Art Library

o   The Pond