Bridge Program Alumni


“Being able to work with and talk with other artists of many different mediums and backgrounds . This helped enrich my practice. In a way this served as an amazing think tank for me.”

“I found having to articulate my ideas regularly to be most valuable. In person crits were also fantastic.”

“I also learned a lot by listening to other artist’s process.”

“I spent a lot of time and mental energy thinking about my work in a new way.”

“Great program. HPAC went put of its way to help us put together a group show even with the pandemic restrictions in place and it was a very good experience and much appreciated.”

“This program was a fantastic experience. I hope Hyde Park Art Center continues to offer the program long into the future. I believe it is helpful to artists at all stages of their career.”

“This was a great opportunity for adult disciplined artists to work in a concentrated way on a new body of work. The cross pollination with other artists in the program was invaluable. It was great to get a chance to explore an idea and share it with the group.”

“It’s great to have an opportunity to show work at the art center, and the work is beautifully displayed. The show pushed me to bring work to a more refined finish than I might otherwise have done.”

BP21 - Fall 2023

Amanda Colon
Caitlyn Doran
Alana Ferguson
Millicent Kennedy
Deborah Kraft
Ludvig Perés
Joshua Silver
Joseph Solis
Catherine Sollman

Program Curator: Jonathan Castillo

BP20 - Winter 2023

Mia Capodilupo
Roan Hesse
Deirdre Jones Colgan
Amay Kataria
Kaitlyn Krueger
Natasha Mijares
Nirmal Raja
Geoffrey Rees
Jonathan Vega
YuHsin Wu

Program Curator: Jonathan Castillo

BP19 - Summer 2022

Jess Bass
Dajona Butler
Ramona Demotto
Andi Li
Ec Miller
Siena Peterson
Victoria Sockwell
Larry Wolf
Melissa di Teresa

Program Curator: Jory Drew

BP18 - FALL 2021

Annissa Zak
Bhagya Ajaikumar
Bishop C. Knight
Eric Nix
Michael Gallagher
Rhonda Gray
Tanya Tipton-Greene

Program Curators: Megha Ralapati and Devin T. Mays

BP17 - SPRING 2021 (Section B)

Ahavani Mullen
Atefeh Farajolahzadeh
Carisa Mitchell
Elisabeth Hogeman
Julia Koreman
Kathy Weaver
Lauren Grudzien
Mary Bergs

Program Curator: Erin Toale

BP16 - SPRING 2021 (Section A)

Aro Farmilant
Devin Shaffer
Laurie LeBreton
Lindsay Johnson
Morgan Free
Paula Henderson
Robert Johnson
Sarah Whyte
Veronica Casado Hernandez
Vidushi Lohia
Violet Luczak

Program Curator: Erin Toale

BP15 - FALL 2020

Anne Feiza
Celia Greiner
Devi Vallahaneni
Jelisa Davis
Kathryn Trumbell-Fimreitte
Marc Benja
Miriam Bisby
Nora Chin
Ryn Osbourne
Teresita Carson

Program Curator: Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

BP14 - SPRING 2020

Kristin Anahit Cass
Liz Chilsen
Jenny Halpern
Cindy Lys
Judith Mayer
Sara Emilia Palomo
Rashelle Roos
Anne Hayden Stevens
William Watson

Program Curator: Claudine Ise

BP13 - WINTER 2020

Hale Eninci
Denise Orlin
Katelyn Patton
Veronica Giraldo
Brooke Hummer
Suzanne Rampage
Ellen Campbell
Janis Kanter
Vida Sacic
Marylu Herrera

Program Curator: Claudine Ise

BP12 - FALL 2019

Christie Helm
Danielle Andress
Charlie Manion
Jessica Pierotti
Noelle Africh
Monica Plioplyte.

Program Curator: Rhonda Wheatley

BP11 - SPRING 2019

Shelby Stone
Anita Orlikoff
Lucia Calderon
Nathan Margoni
Jenny Halpern
Dionne Victoria
Karen Dana
Denise Hoover
Andrea Mendez
Ellen Campbell
Lisa Jenschke

Program Curator: Ariel Gentalen

BP10 - FALL 2018

Macus Alonso
Nicole Carter
Rebecca Grace Hill
Gregory Lawson

Program Curator: Rhonda Wheatley

BP9 - SPRING 2018

Benz Sirimas Amatayakul
Juan Antonio Baños
Pete Brooks
Karen Connell
Brooke Hummer
John Michael Korpal
Sarah Morrison
David Nasca
Monica Rezman

Program Curator: Jim Dempsey

BP8 - FALL 2017

Michael Gallagher
Haerim Lee
Dawn Liddicoatt
Teshika Silver
Adreanna Tyson
Juliann Wang

Program Curator: Rhonda Wheatley

BP7 - SPRING 2017

Jory Drew
Juan Guzman
Zachary Jesse
Janis Kanter
Micaela Krol
Grant Newman
Jane Norling
Pooja Pittie
Toya Simmons

Program Curator: Jim Dempsey

BP6 - WINTER 2016

Luis DeLaTorre
Hallie Kirkley
Caroline Liu
Anita Orlikoff
Karen Powell
Alex Prexta.

Program Curator: Amanda Williams

BP5 - SPRING 2016

Anne Feiza
Melissa Lynch
India Martin
Judith Mullen
Jennifer Yorke.

Program Curator: Jim Dempsey

BP4 - FALL 2015

Marcia Festen
Larissa Johnson
Melissa Lynch
Sheila Lynch
Jennifer Manne
Nicole Mauser
Susan Redeker

Program Curator: Edra Soto

BP3 - SPRING 2015

BP2 - FALL 2014

Sandra Bridges
Karen Hirsch
Hui Li
Larissa Johnson
Kara Cobb Johnson
Dolores Wilber
Serene Wise

Program Curator: Annie Morse

BP1 - SPRING 2014

Deirdre Fox
Stephanie Graham
Carolyn Pereira
Homer Shew
Randy Simonds
Lois Stone
Michelle Welzen Collazo-Anderson
Laura Wetter

Program Curator: Annie Morse

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