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Roundtable: What’s an MFA Worth?

The big question -what’s a Masters of Fine Art degree worth? – often raises more questions. Moderator, Annie Morse, will join Guest speakers from the Chicago schools that offer graduate level fine art degrees, including University of Chicago, University of Illinois (Chicago and Springfield), Northwestern University, Columbia College and the School of the Art Institute […]

Ground Floor Artists Talk: The Technology Continuum

Chris Cuellar, Joe Grimm, and Jesse McLean discuss their work in the exhibition and answer questions from the public. the exhibition Ground Floor features work that runs the gamut of technology from repurposed 16 millimeter film projectors throwing light on mechanical fans to twitter feeds digital video. Combining low-tech and high-tech has its rewards and challenges. The artists […]

Ground Floor Artists Talk: Site as Medium

Daniel Bruttig, Maria Gaspar, Daniel Lavitt, and Jennifer Ray discuss their work in the exhibition and answer questions from the public. How do these artists think of site as a medium at play in their artwork? This talk focuses on the concept of “site” in its various definitions presented in these Ground Floor artists’ works: 1) as the […]

Exhibitions Reception

Join us to celebrate the current exhibitions Ground Floor and Roger Brown: Calif. U.S.A.! Sunday, August 29, 3-5 pm free