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Panel Discussion: “Cultural History as Creative Provocation”

Join us for a vibrant panel discussion on the topic, “Cultural History as Creative Provocation.” Panel participants include Sally Alatalo (Artist), Barbara Croft (Fiction Author), Ray Fogelson (PhD, Cultural Anthropology), and Lisa Wainwright (PhD, Art History). The discussion will be moderated by Allison Peters from the Art Center and is held in conjunction with the […]

Gallery Opening: Sally Alatalo’s The Wonderful (lost) Achievements

Sally Alatalo’s exhibition The Wonderful (lost) Achievements opens in the Ruth Horwich Gallery Sunday, January 16th. Artist Sally Alatalo has created a retrospective of fictional exhibits imagined to be lost to the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 either by accidents of fate or due to the determined proprieties of the fair’s organizers.